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Butterfly Body Works Are Stockists Of Skin Juice

A balanced diet for your skin

Skin Juice is a unique, Australian-owned and made skin care range using energizing and bio-compatible ingredients to cleanse, balance, repair and hydrate the skin. These skin healthy formulations are free from artificial sweeteners meaning Skin Juice products will provide the skin with a skin friendly diet for sustainable skin health.

Skin Juice is based around all the fruits of nature

Like the body, the skin needs certain nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids in order to survive and thrive. Therefore, Skin Juice has developed each product using ingredients that will nourish the skin in the same manner as a balanced diet nourishes the body.

Our products feature pure and organic bio-actives

These bio-active ingredients are naturally metabolised to balance, repair and feed the skin at a deep cellular level. They provide a healthy botanical diet to nurture the full range of many skin types and conditions, while working harmoniously with the skin to achieve a beautiful balance. No product or ingredient should inhibit the natural flow of oil or excretory process: rather, they should seek to regulate natural oil production, in order to promote balance and strengthen the skin’s own natural defence systems.

The Life Force between a plant and a human is powerful and effective.

Nurturing the compatibility of these elements allows the ingredients in our products to work deeply within the skin, supplying valuable nutrients and supporting the natural protective and regenerative processes. Skin Juice products rely on compatible ingredients to absorb through the natural intercellular systems within the skin, encouraging the skin to improve and maintain its condition – food for the skin.

Nature gone active

Concentrated and innovative formulas are made from powerful, nutrient rich and clinically proven ingredients. Nutritive pharmaceutical grade ingredients offer a super juicy nutraceutical skin boost to any daily skin care regime. Pure and essential bio-droplets weave their way through the intercellular channels within your skin.

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